our story

our story starts with the little girl that grew up in a small town, feeling disconnected from her south asian roots in an environment replete with those that looked nothing like her.

growing up, when she wore her Indian clothes, she felt distant from her western self, and in western clothes, she felt a part of her identity missing. she felt shy by the sounds of her native language, embarrassed of the aromas that emanated from her colorful food, and fearful of her hair, its thick, curly texture unlike the rest of her peers.

to her, being a south asian american meant that she’d have to choose between being either south asian or american.

that little girl represents millions of post-diaspora south asian american children that navigate the duality of their identity, and the complexities that arise with it.

simply put, our goal with mantra and co. is for that little girl to no longer have to choose between either being south asian or american and to, instead, embrace the duality of one's identity as a south asian american through fusion apparel and accessories

a note from the founder


As the founder of Mantra and Co., I am honored to embark on this mission to improve South Asian representation through art and apparel. Our story is one of resilience, empowerment, and the celebration of cultural diversity.

From my own experiences of navigating the complexities of dual identity, I've understood the profound impact of feeling disconnected from one's roots. With Mantra and Co., our mission is clear: to redefine the narrative surrounding South Asian identity in America and to create a space where individuals can embrace their heritage with pride.

Join me in reshaping the landscape of South Asian representation and celebrating the rich traditions and cultures of South Asia. I hope that through Mantra, I am able to share a part of my identity with you.

With love,
Nrithi Subramanian
Founder, Mantra and Co.

  • shifa karim, vice president of marketing and outreach

    Shifa, a third-year college student adds to the Mantra team by integrating Mantra seamlessly into the broader South Asian community. Shifa works with different organizations to spread our brand and mission. Shifa spearheads all efforts to make Mantra accessible all over the United States and the world.

  • yuktha sureshkumar, vice president of media and design

    Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Yuktha has been a part of the team for three years and navigates all things design. With her unique ability to envision and create designs fusing the east and the west, Yutkha serves as Mantra and Co's artistic design head.

  • armaan ali, finance director

    Armaan is a third-year college student who adds to the Mantra team with his exceptional finance knowledge.